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at Restore & Recharge. 

We are Anouk & Lennart and we help you to quickly and effectively restore and recharge from your daily life with ease and joy. We teach you to better understand and manage your body and mind. So that you can connect with yourself and the world around you in a holistic way. And live a more energetic and balanced life.



How often do you allow yourself the time and space to truly recharge and recover from your demanding daily life? At Restore & Recharge our mission is to help you balance your life, your focus and your energy. By connecting to your whole self. Head ánd heart, body ánd mind, spirit ánd soul.

During our workshops and retreats you will finally take that much needed pause, to practice self-care and nurture your entire being.

You will gain clarity, direction and a new perspective. Learn to break old patterns and create new healthy habits that help you live a more vibrant and authentic life. And you will reconnect with yourself, by letting go of what no longer serves you and by embracing what you feel deep down inside.


New Retreats 2024!

Try something new in 2024 and treat yourself to a retreat! Four days to (re)discover yourself, to restore and recharge and give your body, mind and soul the nourishment and undivided attention it needs and deserves. At a beautiful location in the Netherlands, you share a healing and transformative experience with like-minded people from all over the world.

Immerse yourself in a warm bath of self-care. Filled with yoga, breath-work, meditation, wellness workshops, healthy food and beautiful nature. By the end of this retreat you will feel more in tune with yourself than when you started and go home refreshed and recharged. That is a promise! 


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Individual Retreats

Retreats with open enrollment, which will take you on a personal journey of self-discovery. Share healing experiences and restore your energy with like-minded people in a peaceful environment.



Business Retreats

Business retreats completely customized and tailored to the specific wishes and the needs of the target audience. Email us for a free introductory meeting and brainstorm session.



Our workshops are comparable to a half-day master class. During a short intensive session you will be immersed in a certain practice or technique and gain a ton of inspiration and insight.



Need some more intensive personal guidance? A breath-work session, meditation training, orthomolecular nutritional advice or life coaching? Book a 1-on-1 session with Anouk or Lennart.

Restore & Recharge

with Anouk Maas and Lennart Klipp




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