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Restore & Recharge does not only organize personal retreats with open enrollment. We also organize fully customized business retreats and workshops tailored to any specific target group. Ideal if you want to invest in your company's staff in a sustainable way. 

Do you want the people in your team to develop healthier routines, more vitality, resilience to deal with stress and difficult emotions? Do you believe in sustainable energy management, a more harmonious working atmosphere, clarity of mind and greater physical, mental and emotional well-being? Then contact us today. 

A healthier organization...

starts with vital employees. 

Every professional athlete knows that rest is just as important for success and peak performance as active training. Effective performance requires effective recovery. The body only gains strength and muscles can only grow during rest, not during exercise. The same principles apply to top business talent.


A business retreat teaches your high performers to manage their energy in a sustainable way. By creating a balance between stress and relaxation, performance and recovery, absorption and discharge, input and output, head and heart. Only that way they can deliver long-term peak performance that elevates both themselves and the organization.

What are the results:

  • Tools to manage your personal energy in a sustainable way.

  • Stress regulation techniques to relax and recharge quickly and effectively.

  • Awareness of the role of both body and mind,

  • Dealing with emotions and obstructive thoughts effectively.

  • Introduction to the power of breathing and meditation,

  • Understanding the importance of nutrition and creating healthy habits.

  • A variety of exercises and techniques to take home for you and your team.

How we work:

Our approach is person-oriented and mainly focused on learning by doing. In an inviting, safe environment, participants experience a sampling of techniques and exercises that encompass the entire system of body and mind.


After the training everyone will receive a booklet to take home with theory and exercises on:

  • The role of the nervous system and how to regulate it

  • Ways to generate energy or to relax

  • Various 5 minute yoga and meditation and breathing exercises

  • The role of nutrients in energy management and stress regulation

  • Dealing with emotions and obstructive thoughts

Suggested outline:

We believe in co-creation, so our programs are completely tailor-made in consultation with the client. It can vary from a half-day workshop to a multi-day event or a full training spread out over several weeks. 

The suggested outline described below is an example to give you an idea of the possibilities. It is partly online and partly on location and covers a period of 4 weeks:

  • Week 1: Individual coaching session mental/emotional health (60 min, Zoom)

  • Week 2: 2 day live retreat with evening program and overnight stay (on location)

  • Week 3: Individual coaching session body/nutrition (60 min, Zoom)

  • Week 4: Online integration session with whole group (120 min, Zoom)

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