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Everything will be okay...

This has been our friendship's motto for years. Not meant to say something like 'stop complaining' or 'feel better', but as a heartfelt reminder to let go where possible and trust the wisdom of your life force. In 2021 we decided to not solely exchange our individual expertise and experiences with each other as friends, but to join forces professionally. By putting together a holistic program that focuses on multidisciplinary wellness. With the aim to help others reconnect with - and balance - their body, mind, spirit and soul. Join us on a journey of self-discovery!

Anouk Maas


Anouk has always been physically active on a high professional level and is very interested in the human body and its functioning.

She combines orthomolecular therapy with the philosophy of yoga, the practice of yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to help her clients achieve a more balanced and healthy life, in which they can experience their optimal energy.

She can help you free yourself from the restlessness of the body and mind. Develop more balance and self-awareness so that you experience control over your own life, body and mind again.

She has developed a series of tools and skills which are easy to use every day, and will help to improve your health and energy.


With her enthusiasm and love she is eager to share her knowledge and inspiration.

“Let yourself be surprised and experience a new connection with yourself and with nature. Take a pause to slow down and rekindle your fire from within. I am happy to accompany you on this journey and offer you my knowledge and skills".


"Don't take life too seriously. Overcome your fears, play, explore and have fun while doing it!”

Lennart Klipp 0296.jpg

Photo: Tom Cornelissen

Lennart Klipp


As a General Psychologist, Lennart has spent his entire career studying emotions and dealing with vulnerability. 

Since 2016 he runs a life-coaching practice in Los Angeles from where he coaches both Dutch and American clients all over the world through online consultations. 

Before he moved to LA he ran a coaching practice in Amsterdam and gave Leadership trainings and workshops all throughout Europe.

In 2018 he published an 'anti-self-help book' about accepting that life is a struggle more often then not, and how to deal with that. 

Or maybe you know him from the Dutch tv-show 'Iris and the 12 dates' in which he coached famous pianist Iris Hond during her search for love.


Since 2020, in addition to being a psychologist/life-coach, he is also a meditation trainer and combines various Eastern and Western techniques to increase the emotional well-being and emotional resilience of his clients.

"Just keep swimming!"


We love working with these wonderful, passionate people:

What previous participants say

“Your collaboration is great and I would wish for everyone to experience what we have as a group. These days filled with energy, strength and love, took me from my head to my heart. And I feel this is something that will last! Grateful!"


“This retreat was (once again) a unique experience. It was an unforgettable week during which I learned to surrender and trust myself even more. “


“So much has happened to me that I didn't expect during these four days. I wouldn't have missed it for the world."


“ A wonderful, special and beautiful retreat! Anouk and Lennart coach you wherever necessary during the yoga- and meditation sessions and other workshops. Many emotions will be released (always your own choice what you want to share) and let go off, leaving you stress-free and completely relaxed! Highly recommended!" 


“Four fantastic transformative days with a great group of beautiful people.”


“These were intense but oh so valuable days, with a special group of people that I wouldn't have missed for the world! It is that I am still processing all the impressions of this retreat, otherwise I would have signed up for the next one immediately ." 


“A deep dive into yoga, meditation, breathwork, self-exploration, letting go, nice conversations and so much more. At a truly inspiring place with a special group of people under the soulful guidance of two incredibly sweet human beings! “


“It is wonderful to step away from your hectic daily pace and focus on yourself. And to explore how you are truly feeling deep down inside.


“An unforgettable experience that has released a lot in me. I would have never wanted to miss this. I met so many beautiful people! Grateful!"


“ A truly special couple of days of taking time for yourself and reflecting on how busy your own life really is. You will learn many new things and leave with a smile on your face! Thank you for bringing meditation, breathing and time for myself back to my attention!”


" was confrontational, special, surprising, beautiful and valuable. I am grateful and proud..."


“It was a retreat to remember. The guidance, the other participants, the location, everything was exactly as it should be!"


Video impressions

Short video impressions of previous retreats:

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